Purebred Great Pyrenees Puppies-Spring litter 2017

Pearls huge puppies at 4.5 weeks!!!

Pearl had a great healthy BIG litter of 13! We still have a few females left. Ready to go home April 28, 2017.

Q-Tip’s litter is due May 8th. And if we can keep Mr. Handsome Francis away from the girls this will be our last litter this year so the mommies can have a rest.  Call or text us today as they go fast! 720 318 2763 or 84.

Don’t we all love dogs? We sure do but decided we needed to get the right kind of dog. One that would protect our livestock, especially our chickens from the voracious appetites of the  coyotes, raccoon or skunks.  In addition, this dog needed to be great with kids and a loving family pet. After doing our research, we decided that a Great Pyrenees was the perfect dog for us. It was love at first sight and love still. We cannot say enough good about the breed. They are protective, loyal and extremely loving. Our Grandkids take naps on them. They go for walks with us. And they keep us in eggs because our chickens who free range can finally live long enough to produce!

We have Francis, aka, Mr. Handsome, our breeding male, and  Q-Tip and Pearl who are sisters. All of our dogs have a wonderful, calm temperament and amazingly enough the sisters never fight even when whelping.

Our dogs have very healthy pups because we feed grass fed beef, organic chicken, raw goats milk and our eggs. All products raised right here at Country Fresh Farms and made possible because the dogs protect the livestock! Dogs also have free choice kibble.

Our price is now $700 for purebred dogs. Pups come with shots, worming and wellness vet check. Please contact us to get on our wait list as puppies go super fast. Please also visit our facebook page for current photos and updates. Country Fresh Farms LLC, Elbert, Colorado. 20150917_115551-1 Francis-breeding male, in the background, Pearl and Q-tip  -Mama doggies in front.

All 3 just had a great checkup with the vet and are up to date on shots and worming.


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