You are Invited to come to the Farm!

We have added a new drop off location in Colorado Springs. This is a shed with a refrigerator on a customers property. This enables you to  pick up your product when convenient for you! Call Farmer Mark for more details. 720-318-2784


Please join us for our open house. June 6th, 2015 from 10-2 pm. Come and see all the critters, our fabulous fodder system and new chicken house!

If you are staying for lunch, please either email us or contact Mark at 720-318-2763 and let us know.  A side dish to share is very much appreciated.

23851 County Road 61, Elbert CO 80106

The “girls” are laying up a storm, who needs eggs?

Our eggs are truly pasture raised,  and fertilized. They are fed organic feed that is non-GMO, no soy, no corn.

In addition the chickens are fed fresh sprouted barley grass (50 lbs) every day so  they enjoy LIVE GREENS year around!  

This type of super healthy egg is only available from a few farms in Colorado. $6 a dozen. Free delivery to Denver and Colorado Springs